5 Indicators of High Self Esteem

Some people have very low self-esteem and they are the ones who choose to be in the background. They fear even their shadows, and so they refuse to accept challenges because they are worried that they may fail and ruin everything. They do not have the right confidence and power to face people and talk to them with ease. Public speaking is painful to even fathom, and they would rather die, than to have to speak in front of a crowd On the Opposite Side

If there are people who lack self esteem, there are people who are charged with a lot of them. For some reason, people are made to be extremely different, so while there are people who battle with problems of low self-esteem, some people have more self-esteem to give away to everyone.

Here are some sure signs of high self-esteem:

You are whole: If you are the type of person who is able to pull out control and confidence from within and not from any kind of external factor, you are definitely a person who has a lot of esteem built in. You strongly exude self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-respect and you are able to take care of yourself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

You know how to show gratefulness. You recognize your strengths and know how to use your weaknesses so that it does not come as a liability. More so, you are able to put your focus on things that matter most; the blessing that you receive, and not the things that you lack. You are able to accept criticism and compliments graciously, may they be good or damaging. Similarly, you are confident enough to throw compliments to people. You recognize everyone’s worth and take time to express your appreciation for them.

You are competitive: you crave to be better because you know how greatness tastes and so you are the type of person who is eager to take on continuous self-improvement strategies to better yourself, even if all signs point to good and it seems as if you do not need anything else, anymore. You are the type of person who is able to learn and draw out something good from your mistakes. While some people are unable to let go of their mistakes and they wallow in self-pity and they blame themselves and others, without end, your competitiveness overcomes everything and so you fight and move forward.

A person who has high self-esteem is able to stand aside and view people in their own comfortable niches. They honor and accept the fact that people are different from each other, and that their needs will be different as well.

They feel very comfortable in social conditions. They do not have problems dealing with a crowd or occupying a spot under the limelight. They crave praise and they are deserving of praise because they know how to shine and they know how to show off in front of people.

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