How to Achieve Positive Self Growth Through Your Circle of Influence

Everyone and everything in this world is meant for something. As a younger individual, man’s actuality is undefined, unknown and undetermined. As man journeys towards his life, his destiny is revealed and his journey comes with more purpose. Circle of Influence The circle of influence is the close circle composed of the most important people in your life. These are the individuals that are most approximate to you, and are able to influence the decisions that you make. These people are organized according to the specific roles that they play in your life. Your circle has a bottom, a top, and you are at the center. The people situated at the bottom of the equator will be assigned the colors orange, red and yellow. The people in these lower chakra are those that keep you whole and those that keep you entertained, like old friends and family. These people keep you grounded by reminding you of where you came from. The people that occupy the lower chakra have the colors indigo, blue and purple. These people are those whom you have an unspoken connection with. You spot them, right away, in a crowd because they are your soul mates. Utilizing the Circle After recognizing the power of the circle, it is important for you to realize how best to use it for your own benefit. Your circle of influence will define who you are. Your parents will look around to investigate who is within your circle, to better understand you. Your employers will do the same when they are trying to screen you for a job. So you have to realize how important it is to situate yourself among a select and appropriate inner circle. Your values, ethics, integrity, passion and beliefs will be reflected by how well or how badly you choose the people within your circle. If you surround yourself with people who are hardworking, driven and ambitious, you will imbibe the same qualities as they have. The same is true if you surround yourself with people who will have a negative influence in your life. You should realize that if you want to improve the quality of your life, you should carefully choose the company that you keep. You cannot compromise anything. How to Enhance Your Circle of Influence The circle of influence is a powerful thing. If you are able to use it properly in your life, you will achieve greater things. You hear people talk about being proactive, but do you understand what it truly means? It is more than just having the initiative. Being proactive is being responsible; being able to take responsibilities for your decisions and being in total control of certain issues and tasks. They see the task and they act accordingly and with the right initiative. When you plan for your growth, you should aim to achieve positive growth, and nothing else. To better do this, you should utilize and channel your circle of influence properly. These elements will invigorate and signify your claim over positive growth.

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