Myths About Self Worth Debunked

Your own self-worth cannot be quantified. No one can measure the level of self-worth in a person. But you do have it and some people can either have a lower or higher self worth than you. There have been many untrue facts about self-worth that some experts have even discounted their importance. But when you do think of it, having a degree of self-esteem is valuable. Here are three myths about self-worth and what makes them untrue. Self-Worth is Innate There is no basis for this statement whatsoever. Your sense of self-worth is not inherent in you the minute you are born. As you grow older, you will realize your self-worth through the way you were brought up. If you grew up with a loving and happy family, you are much confident in facing the world. You feel like an important individual that can contribute to society. And that is the truth. Other people do not believe much in themselves partly because of the environment they live in. However, even if your self-worth is not inborn, you can still do something to increase it. There are steps you can take to build your self-esteem and make your whole outlook better. Your experiences and successes in life help to boost your self-worth. Doing activities that make you happy leaves you feeling confident. It takes effort to build your self-worth; it is not something that is passed on. Lose your Self-Worth and it is Gone Forever There is no truth to this belief at all. You can lose your sense of self-worth when you fail in life. Especially when you are involved in a major deal or going through a rough breakup, you might feel very low. But it doesn’t mean you cannot recover from it. It is natural for a person to have low self-confidence when he is going through hardship. But after the pain is gone and he is able to recover from the heartbreak, a person will continue living. True, he will be devastated but he will recover by himself or through the help of family and friends. Life will always be full of trials and failures and if you are worthy, you will rise above it all. The thing is; you do not lose self-worth. You may have less of it and more of it at times but it will always be in you. Having Self-worth Makes You Bad That will only hold true if self-worth is on the same level as arrogance. Fortunately, not all people are bad that way. You can have a high sense of self-worth and still be good. Selfish, arrogant and self-absorbed people are that way because of how they were brought up. They see these traits in the environment they grew up in. It is carried over in their lives because they know no other way. But other people who are self-confident still keep their feet on the ground. While everyone deserves to be heard, it doesn’t mean you will always be right. Too much confidence is bad when it lets you become arrogant. People are all equal, whatever their status is. No person should be above the other, no matter how high your self-worth may be.

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