Overcoming Your Shyness

You probably do not know this but there are a lot of known personalities in this lifetime that used to battle with their own versions of shyness and anxiety. As unbelievable as it may seem to you, even the big shots had to deal with their own versions of shyness, at one point in their lives. Like you, they had to spend a great deal of their time trying to psyche themselves to face the people and face the challenges. Life is not easy, they did not have it easy, as well, just like you. Once you begin to understand this, you will realize that you have an equal opportunity to shine, just like everyone else in this world. If they did it, so can you and here are some of the notable personalities whose footsteps you might want to follow:

David Letterman, the now famous talk show host, used to battle with shyness. Diana, the Princess of Wales was a naturally shy individual who found a way to shine on her own terms. Albert Gore, the man who spoke to the entire world about “The Inconvenient Truth” used to be a shy person, growing up.

These are just some of the many people who, like you, had to go through their problems with shyness. How different are you from these people?

The ‘Real’ Truth

You may not know this yet but 50% of the people in this world will describe themselves as shy individuals. Some of these people may have been shy at one point in their lives and were just able to find ways to overcome it, while others may still be battling with it, until today. In studies, it is revealed that only 20% of the children who are born are innately shy in nature. Many of these children break out of it as they begin to open their world, but some tend to suffer even as they grow older.

You have to realize that it is possible to overcome shyness. With proper manipulation and strategy-development, you can overcome it.

If you have the fear of rejection, it is perhaps rooted from some kind of rejection that you had to face in the past. If so, then you need to understand the root cause so that you can resolve any issues you may have with it. If you exhibit a lot of shy mannerisms such as being unable to make eye contact with people whom you are talking to, you have a very soft almost inaudible voice when you speak, or maybe you are the type of person who is always watching out for yourself to make a mistake, so you are quick to say “Sorry” and “No, thank you!” then you need to learn to break free from these mannerisms. Practice speaking with confidence and this means speaking evocatively and with perfect command. Speak audibly while maintaining eye contact with the people whom you are speaking to. If you maintain a very shy posture, strive to develop the way you command yourself by standing straight, keeping your feet apart, having your hands on your hips and holding your head up high.

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