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Many people would refuse to hire a life coach because they feel that it is a sign of weakness. For some, asking for help is a sign of defeat so even if they have been wandering aimlessly in their lives, they will not do anything about it. That choice is actually the decision-making of a coward. It is more shameful to refuse to admit that you need help than to break free and finally make a difference. Asking for help is not weakness. Refusing to find help is, to put it bluntly, stupidity.

Everyone has a Life Coach

You might not realize this but everyone, at specific points in their lives, has worked with a life coach. As children, your parents were your coaches, and as you grew older and began to open your world, you met other life coaches in the form of teachers, counselors and your superiors at work. Life coaches are people who inspire you live a life of fulfillment so that you can enjoy it more and more.

You can now try to look back at those times when you were comfortably working under the shadow of your superior. Were you not more confident; did you not do better? Like training wheels, life coaches keep you stable until you can do things by yourself. So if you think you cannot do it alone, then you need to learn to open yourself to someone.

The Pain of Admitting Defeat

It takes so much more than guts to admit to the world that you have failed. Saying “Yes, I have failed” is so much harder than to lie about being okay. Many people go about in their lives pretending. They dwindle away from their own lives until they finally lose control.

Pride is the biggest obstacle to self growth. Many people will be more comfortable pretending to be superior and really have nothing to prove, than to come out in the open and say that they need help. Pride is a very imposing barrier to success and self improvement. You will first have to admit you are down, to be able to help yourself get to the top. Denial is another hindrance. Some people would just shut their eyes to the truth because they are more comfortable thinking that things are alright and everything is going as it should.

Doing It by Yourself

If you are really having trouble working with someone else, you at least have to find a way to effectively do things on your own. You still know yourself better than anyone else. Your willingness to make a change in your life is going to be the most important thing, and if you wish to become your own life coach, then you can do the following:

Determine your goals. Goals will give your journey a definite direction. You have to aim for something, because it will gauge your progress and keep yourself on track. What do you want to achieve in your life? Make these your personal goals. Identify the obstacles. You have to accept that roadblocks are part of the quest. You will encounter all kinds of things along the way and to be able to deal with them effectively, you have to prepare yourself. Try to think about potential obstacles and find a way to go around them. Being prepared for these things will help quicken your pace and strengthen your claim. Write down a plan. A plan is guide and you write out a plan because it is normal for people to lose their way and get side tracked. You have to have a means to remind yourself, and a written plan will be a perfect reminder of what you ought to do. Act on it. Once a plan has been set, you should not hesitate to begin your journey. Procrastinating will not do you any good– it will only prolong your victory.

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