Self-Affirmation and Optimism: It is All in the Mind

When you are feeling down and losing the will to move on, it is usually because of a great fall. When such things happen to you, you can dwindle down to nothingness and just succumb to it, or you can fight back, refusing to accept defeat and moving forward. Life is tough, everyone knows that, but you have the power to control the course that your life will take. If you are not content with the quality of life that you are leading, you can easily break through all the barriers and claim what you think you deserve.

Guaranteeing Success

In life, there is no way that you can guarantee success. In fact, there is no way that you will be able to guarantee anything, at all, but you can turn things around and guarantee something more exacting, through self affirmations and optimism. Both of these techniques operate through the same method, and that is to make use of the mind’s power to believe and make things happen. As a means to survive, you need to learn how to employ these tactics to be able to win your round.

The Power of Positivity

Optimism is powerful enough to turn things around, even when they seem impossible. Optimists are able to create an alternate word where things work for them and fall perfectly into place.

Due to their positive disposition, optimists are able to develop some kind of immunity to depression and all forms of sadness. Optimists get more glimpses of the almost inevitable hope and faith. Life is tough and hopelessness seems to be the most certain thing in the world. Researches reveal that optimists have healthier eating habits than other people. They are less abusive of their health and wellbeing, so they know how to stay away from alcohol, tobacco and in turn stay far from different kinds of illnesses.

Using Self-Affirmation to Win the Game

Self-affirmation is so much more than just looking at yourself in the mirror and whispering motivational messages to yourself. More importantly, self-affirmations help a person achieve what he thought he couldn’t. This theory is built on the thinking that parents who used to give constant affirmations to their children are able to help them become better and more confident individuals. The things that parents tell their children often make it to their head. After awhile they eventually find themselves repeating it, without even understanding what the statement really means. Self-affirmations work the same way, as some sort of hypnotic method. You have to understand, however, that self-affirmations work only when you believe what you are saying. If you cannot even convince yourself that it is true, then the self affirmations are worth nothing at all.

Optimism and self-affirmations work well in order to turn things around and make you a better person. If you feel that you lack these two, then now would be a good time to use them.

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