Self Development: An Essential Ingredient for Leadership Development

A leader is someone who is looked up to for instruction and encouragement by his subordinates. He is the head of an organization or group and he takes the lead in activities and plan. To be an effective leader, the person must have a fully developed sense of self. A person cannot lead if he himself is weak. He is the one relied on to for decisions and execution of plans. And as a leader, he must always learn to grow. He should not be content with what he has now. Instead, he should continue to evolve and study so that he can impart what he learns with the people under him. Self-awareness is very important A leader needs to be able to recognize his strengths and weaknesses first. This is very important because if he knows himself, he will be a confident leader. He needs to know the areas he is strong in and where he is most vulnerable. A good leader knows how to delegate. If there are aspects he is not too good at, he can assign another person to take charge of it. Triumphs and achievements may boost a leader’s ego but that is not the only thing that matters. He must be able to also handle failures and distress. Self development means the leader is able to accept who he is overall. It is very important in leaders to use their skill, intelligence and talents at all times. A self-aware leader will be able to lead his people more effectively. Promote Excellence at all times Excellence is a key aspect in self development. When people are on the way to self improvement, they strive to be excellent at all times and in all aspects. This is also plays an important ingredient in leadership development. A leader must always be the best person he can be. He also expects that from the people under him. As a team, they must always perform to the best of their abilities. But because both leaders and members are merely human, he should be able to balance and manage people well. At times when conflict and misunderstanding occurs, he should be able to deal with all these properly and excellently. Pursue Learning and Growth Passionately If you wish to be a strong leader with great potential, you must always look ahead and see a broader horizon. There is so much to be achieved and to be gained. That is why self growth is essential in a leader. If he is continually growing as a person, it will reflect on his leadership abilities. He will always reach for more. He will recognize potential in prospects. They have the insatiable thirst for knowledge and advancements. A great leader will accept any assignment as a challenge for growth and learning. And he brings his people with him. He is eager to learn and includes his peers in that learning process. Failures are part of learning as well. How else will a leader learn if he is always successful? But despite that, he still pursues to get a lesson out of it.

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