Self Development: Find Out Why You Aren’t Successful At It Yet

Self development may seem like an easy thing to do, and it is. Still some people fail dismally at it. If you have been to self development seminar and have not applied it to your life, maybe you need to reassess. It can be because you do not openly agree to what you have been taught. Or you are not comfortable with it. Self development is a tricky thing. It involves analyzing everything you know about yourself. And figure out the positive and negative aspects of your personality. Some people may balk at this type of introspection and just stop altogether. But if you are really determined to improve your life and personality, you will figure out ways to do so. The Old Approach Some people use the old approach to self development that is so broad and general in nature. Not everyone are alike, in fact no personality is identical. Therefore, it may be wrong to assume different types of people can follow the same set of methods. While self development only needs you to assess, reflect and take action, other people cannot manage to do it at all. They get stuck at the assessment part. They feel that they do not need to change any aspect of their personality. Naturally, they will no longer reflect or take action. Others merely discount self-help books and self development seminars as psychobabble and money-making schemes. This is exactly the reason why they aren’t successful at self development. They are simply not open to change. Three New Ways to Self Development You may follow these three steps to make your own self development plan. First is excellence. If you aim to be excellent at whatever aspect in your life, that is a step at self development. If you are used to doing things halfway, and not putting your best effort, you need to change. You will realize that if you give the best of yourself to every aspect in your life, you’ll see a change. And that change is for the better. Next is purpose. What do you really hope to accomplish in life? Do you wish to be a successful entrepreneur or remain an employee for the rest of your life? Will you be content being a homemaker or should you take further trainings? Last is collaboration. Keep the company of people with the same goals. Avoid those who have negative attitude and outlook in life. Use your own Methods Self development is actually rediscovering you and finding out ways of improving some or all aspects of your life. But this has to come from within. You have to initiate the change and not other people. You can gather information through self help books and joining self development seminars. If you do not agree with what you learned, then you are free to use your own methods. More people have succeeded with self development plans that they established on their own. For one, they made it and they are determined to make it work. Second, it is tailor-made for their specific personality. Using your own self development methods is actually a huge step in itself. It means you are taking action in changing yourself.

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