Self Growth: Becoming A Leader

A leader is someone who takes charge. In a group, a leader is the one who calls the shots. When something goes wrong, the leader takes charges and he directs the action of the team so that the plan can be sought through and any mistakes can be returned with a compensating action. A leader is respected by his or her subordinates. They look on to the leader because they know that he has the answer.

The Roles of a Leader

As already mentioned above, a leader takes charge and directs the course action, but more than that, a leader is expected to become the following:

Role model: You cannot expect your people to behave a certain way, if you yourself are violating the rules. Set a good example to the people that surround you so that you become more than just a figure they see and look up to, but you also succeed to inspire their lives. Problem solver: When some things go wrong, you are expected to know what to do and you have to be able to do it, while keeping your calm. You should be able to keep your grace under the pressure, even if your world is about to shatter. You have to realize that everyone is looking at you and if you falter, they will fall with you. Spokesperson: You are the man in charge; you are the one that people approaches. When fights ensue, you have to go in the middle and mediate for both parties. When something needs to be resolved, you have to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. You are the leader. You are the go-to person, whether you like it or not.

A Leader of Your Own Life

More than just being able to lead a pack, you should be the leader of your own life. As one, you will become in charge of all aspects of your decision-making; no one should have the power to dictate what they think is better for you. This is your life; you should have full control over it.

There is a bigger reason why people should aspire to be leaders of their own life. You do not choose to be a leader because you are hungry for power. You choose to become the leader because it teaches you about responsibility and accountability. You choose to become a leader because as one, you get to make your own decisions and you accept that by doing so, you are liable for all the consequences that your actions may incur. You cannot blame others. You cannot point fingers.

The Qualities of a Leader

So how does one become a leader? Leaders are not born overnight. Even kings and queens have to undergo some kind of training before they are even deemed fit to lead. No one is born with the right leadership skills, but everyone who wishes to develop such skills can do so if they develop the following qualities:

Passion: A good leader is one that loves his work and does not even feel that it is a job, but a fulfillment of a purpose. Love for others: As a leader, you will be dealing with people and you cannot be an effective leader by being aloof and indifferent. Justice: You should be a leader who is fair and just. You lead not to win the favor of plenty, but to bring peace to all.

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