Signs That You Lack Self Confidence and What You Can Do About It

Self-confidence is the specific drive that brings people to greater heights. People, who are not blessed with the skills, are able to get to the top because they feel and believe that they can do it. Self-confidence is an invisible motivational drive that will make things happen and turn the impossible into a possibility. Self-confidence empowers people beyond their expectations, and if you lack self-confidence, then you are taking away your chance to go the distance. Signs That You are Lacking Self-Confidence Are you worried that you may be lacking in confidence? Perhaps you have been given the chance to compare the way you deal with things, and the way other people carry themselves. Maybe you are worried because they seem to have more bravado than you, and you are wondering why the invisible power they have allowed them to do more and be more. Here are sure signs of a lack of self-confidence. If you think you fit into these criteria, it may be smart to address the situation, right away: Being on the strong defensive after receiving a criticism: People who have low self-confidence are insecure and too worried about what people may think about them. Criticism is a confirmation of all the things that they have already built-up in their heads. People who are confident about themselves will know how to handle all kinds of criticism, be it a good one or a bad one. They overcompensate: Some people show their insecurities by giving out declarations of indifference or false confidence. They make declarations of being “very happy”, “truly satisfied”, and try to convince other people that they are all right. Justifying their actions too much: People who are confident will never feel the need to explain their decisions and actions. People who lack self-confidence often seek approval and so they tend to explain the action they decide to take. Too apologetic: It is polite and normal to apologize for something wrong that you have done but you should not apologize like there is no tomorrow. Say sorry, once, and then leave it. Apologizing too much is a sign of lack of self-confidence because it is an indication of wanting and needing approval. Gaining the Right Confidence It is important for you to realize how important self-confidence is, because it is more than just the power and ability to say, “Yes I can”. Often times, it is one’s confidence that makes the impossible possible. Many people have been told “no” many times before, but they go to the top, just by believing that they can. Overcoming Lack of Self Confidence The truth is this, the quicker that you are able to deal with your problem, the better. Lack of self-confidence can be crippling, and if you were able to develop your confidence for your benefit, it would be truly advantageous for you. Self-confidence can be enhanced through practicing self-affirmations. You can also make a habit of counting your blessings instead of your failures because there is no point in wallowing in what is never going to bring you any good.

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