Success is a Strategy Not a Gift


What kind of life do you have? Do you often spend some time looking around at the lives of people you know, and wonder why they have it and you do not?

Why do other people live better lives? Why do they seem to have things that they want? Why is it so easy for others to get to their dreams?

The truth is, there are no miracles. There is no magic formula and there is no such thing as pure luck. You may get lucky sometimes, but you cannot rely on luck all the time. If you want to meet success, in life, in business, and in everything you do, you cannot rely on luck.

Success does not get handed out on a platter, ready for you to devour. If you want to meet success, you work hard for it.You can ask the great men who have lived and they will tell you the same thing. There is no such things as luck, just hard work and the perfect strategy.

So what is your strategy for success? Do you even have one? If you do not have a plan, this may be the right time for you to start planning.

What is your mission statement?

These are the things you want to achieve like opening a business at home, establishing a website for your business, hitting 100 clients on the first month, and so forth. Whatever it is, you have to be exact with what you want, so that you can target it easily.

Study your plan

Write a plan and then study it well. Study all aspects of your plan and review it over and over, again. The Internet is an open source for you to use, if you need to make a research on anything. Future suppliers, dealers or whatnot, you can easily find them on the internet.

Create a timeline

A timeline is a good thing to have because you plot your plan on a targeted date and this is supposed to guide you with the actual achievement of every single point in your plan. Hopefully, by the end of your proposed timeline, you have achieved everything in your list. The thing here is just to stay focused. Do not let things get in your way.

Act on it

Of course, after all the planning and goal setting, you have to step on the accelerator and hit it. Your plans may be beautifully set, but if you are not going to take that first step, you will never see its completion. The first step is usually the hardest thing to do. Fear sets in and all the threats loom over your head, and if you are not strong enough, you may never get enough courage to go for it.

What is important is for you to look back on what you have done. All the planning that you did, all the energy that you dedicated to it would constantly remind you why you are doing this for and then go for it. Once you have set your foot down, everything will be easier.

As a whole, success is something that results from hard work, but if you want to hit exact targets, you need to have a PLAN. And most importantly, you also need to act on the plan because what good is an idea if it will not push through?

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