The Most Recommended Personality Development Books

Not all people are readers but books are written both to instruct and entertain. If you have a lot of time to spare and you digest literature quite well, you’d fair well with personality development books. They are usually authored by experts in the field, and they could be doctors of psychology, practicing psychiatrists, professors or ordinary people with a lot of insight on the subject matter. Books, to those who appreciate the written word, are powerful tools and if you are looking for the most recommended books in personality development, you have come to the right place. Awaken the Giant by Tony Robbins There is a sleeping giant in everyone. Some people may not believe it but you are built for great things and a slumbering giant resides in you, and this giant has the power and potential to do great things, as long as it is properly channeled. Tony Robbins acknowledges that fact, and he wrote a book that suggests the importance of making positive changes in your life. It is available in digital Ebook, paperback and audio versions. Irresistible Attraction: The Secrets of Personal Magnetism by Kevin Hogan This book channels the hidden charisma and attractions that people possess, but do not realize they have. This inner potential has the power to magnetize others, so that you will become more effective at what you do. If you are having problems speaking to other people and you are almost frightened to say anything when an audience is involved, this book is going to teach you how to develop proper chemistry with anyone, so that you will look comfortable despite the knocking knees and trembling insides. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Friends are very important in one’s life because they give color to it, and they define what you are as a person. To some people, making friends is as easy as learning the alphabet, but to some, it is definitely complicated. This book by Carnegie is dubbed the grandfather of all people-skills books because it was first published in 1937 and it is still as useful today as it was, when it first came out. If you want to achieve great things in your life, it is important that you have the right people surrounding you and it is necessary that you know how to inspire and influence these people. Creating Your Own Destiny by Patrick Snow Some people think that their success and failures in life is part of predestined plan. It is written and it is, therefore, unchangeable. This book is a very popular one and its significant teaching lies on the belief that one’s destiny is not set on stone; it can be reshaped and redrawn. As an individual who is not content with your current situation, you have the power to dream, believe and plan for something better. It comes with a very helpful success road map, which will help the reader empower his journey towards the top. Are you a reader? Are you tired of the life you are living now? Self help books are a cheaper alternative to attending seminars and if literature is effective on you, self development books can very well make a dramatic change in your life.

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