Three Important Aspects to Consider for Self Growth

There are three aspects that need to be considered for a person’s self growth. If you are determined to change yourself and become better, you need to take stock of yourself carefully. The first step is to improve self-awareness and how well you know yourself. Second, you need to think of your identity and what you think of your self-image. Then you will have to study your inherent abilities and talents and what you can do to develop them. Improving self-awareness and self-knowledge Self-awareness is similar to looking at a mirror and seeing your reflection, flaws and all. Others try to hide from themselves. They are afraid to recognize their own weaknesses because it would mean admitting it. However, if you wish to grow personally, you need to acknowledge every aspect of your being. No one knows yourself better than you do. You will need to accept who you really are. Self-knowledge is about knowing when to proceed and when to stop. There has to be a balance in life. Too much work can be stressful and too much fun is also not good for you. Knowing yourself allows you to develop and grow as a person. You will also be able to deal with people better and become an effective leader. This is because you are aware of who you are and what you are capable of. Renewing or building your own Identity Some people have no separate identity. They rely on other people for that. They are often part of groups or cliques because they cannot manage being on their own. They would be lost if they were left to their own devices. In order to grow, you must build or renew your identity. You will have to find out what makes you happy and things you are good at. You have to take the time to be alone with yourself and analyze who you really are. This is the reason some have difficulty maintain relationships. They have difficulty in identifying who they are and what they want. Therefore, there is no growth in their relation with others. That is why it is very important to love yourself first. Think of yourself and what makes you happy. Only then will you be able to love and care for others. Because if you do not respect your own identity, how can you respect others? Developing your Talents and Identifying possibilities Everyone has a God-given talent. You may be good at writing, singing, dancing etc. And you need to develop that, even if you are inherently shy. In order to grow, you need to develop yourself and be the best that you can be. You can begin by searching for your purpose in life. What exactly it is that you wish to be and wish to have? If you think you’ll be very happy being a wife and mother, find someone to love and marry. Dedicate your life to your family and be the best you can be. Or if you wish to be the next media mogul, you can begin by working your way from the bottom of the ladder. Self growth goes hand in hand with self esteem. You must believe in yourself and work hard to reach your dream.

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