Three Self Esteem Myths Debunked

Self-esteem is a very powerful thing. Not everyone gets to grasp the importance of it but those who do will realize just how extraordinary and significant it is. Self-esteem is the power that allows people to do the impossible. You may be physically incapable, mentally unprepared and spiritually incapacitated to do something, but if your self-esteem is powerful enough to fathom it, then you will make it happen. Self-esteem is rooted to a lot of different things and it gives people the right confidence. It empowers their endeavors. It makes them strong. Myths About Self Esteem Myths exist in life. They are theories that can have factual basis, but it is important for you to realize that some myths are untrue. Some myths have been born out of man’s dying curiosity of things. They are hungry for answer and knowledge, so they try to uncover things. Based on what they have gathered for themselves, the myths are written, and then they are fed to other people. They are passed around like sacred messages, believed and respected to be true. Unfortunately, there are some myths that are totally untrue, and this applies to most things. The myths of self-esteem There are some myths about self-esteem that people need to learn to debunk. They are based on nothing real, and they will only confuse you further. 1. Self-esteem makes people bad. Although this can be true in some aspects, for instance, people become rebellious and opinionated because they feel that they deserve to have their own say about things and some people become too overconfident because they have overly high regard for themselves, this is not exactly true for everyone. The choice to be arrogant, selfish and self-absorbed is not entirely rooted to self-esteem. People who tend to develop these characters are this way because of the way they were brought up.

2. Self-esteem is innate. This is not true at all. While there are things in the world that are inborn such as certain physical attributes, self-esteem is not one of them. True, there may be some people who are naturally blessed with the power and angst to be in command of others, some people may have to start from the bottom of the line and fight their way up to the top.

3. Self-esteem is forever lost once it is gone. There are many ways that man can lose his self-esteem. It could be after a truly devastating failure or it could be that a person has lost total belief in himself because he has encountered a big conundrum or barrier, along the way. When this happens, you should believe that self-esteem could be won back. Many people find it hard to understand what how self-esteem really works. Those things that have been mentioned above have nothing to do about self-esteem, at all. You can have high self-esteem without needing to be arrogant, rebellious and so forth. There are so many things that people do not understand about self-esteem. Hopefully, this article disproves some of the myths that used to bring you much confusion.

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