Understanding the Power of the 12-Step Program

This may not be the first time that you are hearing about the 12-step program. It is actually a famous rehabilitation program that is effectively used for drug addicts and alcoholics. Rehabilitation is a process. It is a long process that a person enters into and through the 12-step program, one achieves to rebuild their lives to be able to get a second chance. Due to its effectiveness, this famous 12-step program has been used not only to help rehabilitate lives that have been destructed by addiction, but it has also been used to bring about a general change in the lives who people who believe they deserve a second chance.

Why It Works

The truth is this: recovery from any kind of slump is not easy. Life is not easy but even though the pain in defeat and failure is great, people would rather accept their fate than to fight because it is more painful and almost suicidal to try to find a way out of it, if only to get back to where you just started. It is not easy to recover from a slump. People can force you to do something but it is one’s willingness that makes the real difference. When a person decides to enter the 12-step program, this means that he or she has thought about it and is willing to finally succumb to the lengthy rehabilitation process that will save him and turn his life around. Getting from one step to another is not going to be easy. It requires full determination and dedication. When you complete it and go through the 12 steps that should amount to something great.

The 12 Steps 1. Find your purpose. What is your reason for existing and why should you continue fighting for your life? 2. Know your role. Everyone has a purpose in this world and everyone plays a role. You have to know your responsibility, so that you can begin acting on it. 3. Set your goals. Everyone should have a target they want to achieve. By setting yourself a goal, you give your life direction, so you would not be aiming blindly at the vast future. 4. Write out a plan. For every idea, you need a perfect plan that will help carry it out. Write out a plan so that you have a guide to refer to when you lose your way. 5. Set your environment. To be able to hit success more precisely, you have to choose an environment for yourself that is conducive for growth and development. 6. Obtain the right tools. These tools will help you make a stronger claim for your goals and dreams. 7. Set some rules for yourself. These will underline limitations and boundaries. 8. Be your own boss. Through your rehabilitation you will be encountering people who will try to tell you things that will bring you down, but you have to take charge and show them who is in charge. 9. Educate yourself. Never limit yourself. Education makes someone better and you should always be hungry for learning. 10. Set your priorities straight. You will always have so much to do, but there will always be something that is going to be more important, so you have to learn how to highlight the important things so that you can put your focus on them and accomplish them first before you waste your time someplace else. 11. Track your progress. If you follow the 12 steps, you will get somewhere. You should be able to track your progress if you have an efficient way to measure it. 12. Focus. You will encounter a lot of hindrances and challenges along the way. You need to know how to get right back on track no matter what.

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